10 February 2021

In Episode 3 - Joy, Melly TV features talk shows hosted by Simon(e) van Saarloos, with Kunstinsituut Melly’s deputy director Paul van Gennip and Jessy Koeiman; as well as with Leal van Heerwaarden and Non van Driel; another segment with Van Saarloos features Mieke Borm-Everaert, Lisa Hinderks, Jeanette Chedda, Sherry Jae Ebere, and Mira Thompson; also, a performance commissioned to Odair Pereira; a segment with Wilson; and, an interview with Melly Shum conducted by Kemper and Brito Morfe.

In three different episodes, Melly TV opens up the learnings of the institutional name-change. With talk-shows, neighborhood guests, and commissioned art projects, Melly TV is presented in partnership with Open Rotterdam and developed with consulting partners Lilith Magazine and Brand New Guys. Episodes one to three are conceived by Kunstinstituut Melly's Curator of Collective Learning, Jessy Koeiman, and its Research and Programs Manager, Vivian Ziherl.